Saturday, April 23, 2011

Laura Filtherman~The gifthorse that keeps on givin~

Sallie escaped from her foster home in Central Heights on Sunday,

June 6, 2010.
If you find her, please call Laura 256-760-9348 or e-mail

What really happened to Sallie?

She bit Laura Filterman, and she dropped kicked her all the way into tomorrow.

Can you imagine the force behind a kick like that?

Here is the original ad with the $1800 price.

Sure looks like the same horse to me, don't you think? Looks like a little bit of fraud.

April 2, 2011
Seems that Laura or her GIGANTIC friend was injured falling off the so-called trained horse that is priced at $1800 with 90 days of training. First responders were there, ambulances etc
Actually, this is Laura Filtherman's third ambulance ride in 2 years. This is a great cost to Lauderdale County since the woman has no insurance and she hasn't paid her medical bills.
Instead she spends her monies on unsuspecting

innocent creatures used for resale for profit.

*Due to greed and trying to pay for ambulance ride, cost seems to have risen to $3500.

Villain's horses for sale by Filtherman.

More of Villain's horses on photobucket by sweetfiddler, horse trader and horse's ass.

Roger the Villain's profile on Pipi.

More of Filtherman's abusing and this time she involved a child in her scam.

This came right off of Facebook.

Jessica Evans McCasland's Photos - Dalton Triple March, 5th 2011
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poor fuzzy.... whatever breeder that allowed this to happen and didn't own up to it should be ashamed of themself.
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poor fuzzy.... whatever breeder that allowed this to happen and didn't own up to it should be ashamed of themself.
Added March 6

Will Sandy so sad :(
March 7 at 7:39am


  1. That lady in Greenhill bought the female German Shepherd (unknowing with parvo) for $100. She now has the lucky dog in K9 Search and Rescue Training and she gets to go on vacations with them. Two Days after they got her she was in the Vet's hospital with PARVO. She was there for days and luckily survived and is now spoiled rotten. I pray that those animals she has for sale now will get a good home and get just as spoiled as this one did.

  2. Hello to whoever is in charge here. I would like to clarify the information that is posted under the photo taken from my facebook page. That rabbit was placed in the raffle. Will had taken the rabbit from the table and had tried to groom out the mattes. Will asked me once he returned the animal to the raffle table if I had seen it (this was for two reasons... one being I have two fuzzies myself and the other being that I am a cosmetologist and always carry professional scissors with me). I then took the rabbit and cut out an additional 80 percent of the mattes. While I can say that the mattes were a mess I can say that the rabbit had great flesh condition and wasvery sweet. I surrendered the rabbit to another fuzzy person who commited herself to getting the rabbit back into good shape. I saw this rabbit a few months later at the columbia show....combed out and healthy. My point is this...... none of us knew where this rabbit came from in the first place. So what does it have to do with laura fitterman???? I do not argue any of the additional information on this page as other than having a cordial relationship at rabbit shows I do not know laura. I have not bought or sold rabbits with her and I have not been to her home. This also calls into question the ethics of will sandy (a minor) which is entirely unfair. I have been to wills house and an animal should be so lucky to be his pet. I have discussed this matter with will and his parents andhe maintains (with me) that the original origin of the rabbit in that photo is unknown. Obviously whoever you are you are a friend of mine on facebook. I never mind people copying and saving photos. I do find it a bit cowardly not to reveal who you really are. Obviously laura isn't persuing legal action if this page is still here after all of this time. Any further questions can be directed to me at