Saturday, April 23, 2011

Laura Filtherman~The gifthorse that keeps on givin~

All one has to do is visit Craigslist, Alabama, Florence, Shoals,
to view Fitterman's constant resale of helpless animals that have either been involved in
her breeding programs or picked up on Craigslist or the Internet for free.
Remember, she considers herself a rescue, but that could not be further from the truth.

This dog most likely only has a roof of a doghouse for a dog house and is laying in the tall flea infested grass at Fitterman's 2201 County Road 200 estate.

Here is another dog Fitterman is trying to rehome or sell.

AKC German Shepherd Female
Date: 2011-07-10, 9:08AM EDT Molly is a black/tan female. She is AKC registered and will be 1 yr old in July. Very sweet girl! Loves people. Current vaccinations. Will chase chickens & small animals. Has been an outside dog. Asking $100 adoption fee.

She has to the best of our knowledge acquired five German Shepherd unpapered females for breeding to her unpapered German Shepherd male. The first one was a cat killer, and killed many cats and kittens at Fitterman's.

She was acquired "for free" from a so-called Nashville, TN dog breeder.

That dog ended up at the Lauderdale animal shelter to be euthanized.

The next two were sisters, and even though Fitterman didn't have the money to buy both, the breeder in Prospect, TN allowed her to take both home because she supposedly could not make up her mind. They lived on her front porch in crates for a couple of weeks, and then she adopted out the lucky one to a lady near Green Hill. That dog had already contracted Parvo, andFitterman told everyone she gave the dog to the lady, but she didn't. She sold the sick dog to this lady.

Now, the unlucky dog is pictured on this blog with the raw and injured foot that was injuredseverely from a tie out that wrapped around her foot/feet until they were swollen and raw.

There was another one last summer/fall, and this might be the dog, but I doubt it as there was another dog/puppy listed for sale.

Notice the size of the wire that is containing this dog that chases small animals.

Doesn't look too secure, does it?

Here's another. This one's free. She must have gotten tired of it.

Free bobtail kitten (central)Date: 2011-06-01, 7:42PM EDT Little female with Half tail. 7 1/2 wks old. Has been raised inside. Very sweet! has been dewormed.

Hey, Laura, is this half tail from that German Shepherd, Molly, that chases small animals?

"I love laying on nasty laundry in the bedroom floor."


No Food or Water in this bowl.

No food or water in this bowl either.

Once again, posting animals for sale on Craigslist is against their rules.

This woman follows NO ONE'S rules.

Cat laying on dirty clothes on the floor of Filtherman's bedroom.

What the heck is that stuff on the floor?

Once again Laura H. "Filtherman" has posted animals for sale on Craigslist.
(see above link). She acquires these kittens and cats for free, and then she sells them to unsuspecting buyers while Filterman is posing as a rescuer, savior to the poor animals.

Notice the filth the cats are posing in...dirty laundry.. underwear and bed linens on the floor of her bedroom at 2201 County Road 200. She keeps a feces and urine filled litterbox in her closet. It is rarely cleaned. When even she becomes tired of the nasty conditions, she throws the kittens and cats outside into another atrocious situation, and there they get picked off one by one by hungry and neglected dogs of Filtherman's.

Hey, does anyone out there know if Lauderdale County Animal Control has a new office?
Joe Shane's vehicle is always parked at the Shamrock Feed and Tack, 3708 Cloverdale Road, Florence, AL 35633
If you would like to file a complaint against Laura Fitterman, maybe you could do it here, at Joe Shane's new office.

Shamrock Feed and Tack
3709 Cloverdale Rd Florence, AL 35633
(256) 766-7446

More animal exploitation by sweetfiddler.

Mini Dachshund
Date: 2011-03-25, 6:25PM
Purebred Mini Dachshund babies still looking for their furever homes. 9 weeks old today. One boy and one girl. Have had 2 puppy shots and been dewormed. Raised in the house and currently using puppy pads. Very sweet, happy and outgoing. $100 for the boy and $150 for the girl
Original URL:

*Note: Even though it violates Craigslist's Policies, Laura Filtherman continues to post her puppies and rabbits from her puppymill and bunnymill for sale here.

April 2, 2011
Seems that Laura or her GIGANTIC friend was injured falling off the so-called trained horse that is priced at $1800 with 90 days of training. First responders were there, ambulances etc
Actually, this is Laura Filtherman's third ambulance ride in 2 years. This is a great cost to Lauderdale County since the woman has no insurance and she hasn't paid her medical bills.
Instead she spends her monies on acquiring unsuspecting innocent creatures for resale and profit.

Here is the original ad with the $1800 price.
Sure looks like the same horse to me, don't you think? Looks like a little bit of fraud.

*Due to greed and trying to pay for ambulance ride, cost seems to have risen to $3500.
Villain's horses for sale by Filtherman.
More of Villain's horses on photobucket by sweetfiddler, horse trader and horse's ass.
Roger the Villain's profile on Pipi.,%20Cypress%20Inn,%20TN&g=name_pipl_dir_sr01#:1111355237

More of Filtherman's abusing and scamming, and this time she involved a child in her scam.
This came right off of Facebook.
Jessica Evans McCasland's Photos - Dalton Triple March, 5th 2011
poor fuzzy.... whatever breeder that allowed this to happen and didn't own up to it should be ashamed of themself.
Added March 6
Will Sandy so sad :(
If Will thought this was sad, then why did he broker the rabbits for Filtherman??
March 7 at 7:39am
It's Easter tomorrow, and looks as if Filtherman has groomed one bunny at the BUNNY MILL
and taken its picture for her massive Easter ad campaign.

April 26, 2011

Look what the JACKASS has posted for sale now.

More information here. Looks like there are more pitiful ponies for sale by sweetfiddler, not so sweet we hear.

Well, looky here. These "rabbit" cages with doghouses attached that were used to house unkempt and abused Yorkies, Poodles, and Dachshunds are now actually empty, and they are NOT being advertised as dog cages, which, of course, we know that they were. They were actually given to Filtherman to raise puppies by a "so called" breeder. Filtherman is selling them, and they are pieces of junk that should not even be used to house dogs. They don't latch, and the wire is bent. But, being the "horse trader" that she is, she will try to milk the general public for every piece of junk and every animal that is given to her.


  1. What I don't understand is why this Will Sandy would help this woman sell rabbits in this condition?

  2. There is no end to this madness. Why isn't Fitterman in jail?

  3. Has the IRS and state welfare authorities been notified of her tax and food stamp and welfare scams? Social Security since she probably is also scamming SSI and perhaps disability too?

  4. I'm confused. Why is so horrible that a kitten looks happy rolling on a blanket??