Saturday, March 26, 2011

seriously, 4chan needs to take a special interest in Laura Fitterman

this is what a psychopath looks like.
she looks normal i guess. she certainly doesn't raise any red flags. but looks are deceiving...

laura's web of lies

through informants (notice the plural), anonymous commenters and my own research, i decided that this con artist was worthy of another blog. i hope you are reading this 4chan.

LAURA FITTERMAN claims on her myspace page that she is a vet tech. on this pennfoster forum 4 months ago, FITTERMAN stated that she was studying to become a vet tech:

Posted by Sweetfiddler on 6/26/2010 10:08 AM Vet Tech Student here. I worked as a Vet Tech for a few yrs in Florida. Am now living in AL where Tech's have to be Certified. Am very excited to learn more and get my Degree. Am always looking for new friends and study partners. Laura

EVERY student respondes with the same, "i'm a vet tech student too!" (i wonder if all of those on line pit nutters posing as vet techs/dog aggression experts are in fact just vet assistants with on line certificates?)

only ONE problem...

i checked with and they do NOT offer a vet tech degree. they offer a veterinary assistant certificate. veterinary assistants do NOT require an education. here is the V.A. job description:
FITTERMAN, or more likely the government, ie we the tax payer, is paying an on line college so FITTERMAN can become a veterinary janitor.

penn foster offers up some pretty slick advertising for the vet assistant program:
Work with animals! The Penn Foster Career School Veterinary Assistant Program can help you make a difference. Your abilities can keep animals healthy, nurse them when ill — even save their lives! Train quickly and conveniently.

clean kennels do help prevent the spread of disease.

also on the pennfoster support group for idiots and con artists, 7/14/10 LAURA FITTERMAN sought advice from fellow students about losing her qualification for food stamps:

I am wondering if anyone has had trouble with continuining on Food Stamps while being enrooled with Penn Foster. I am currently enrolled in the Vet Tech course, first semester paid for by family. I recently had to submit a 6 month update form for my Food Stamps and it does ask if you are enrolled in school. I requested info from Penn Foster showing my enrollment and credit hours for the course. They Terminated my Food Stamps. I called and was told it was because I am enrolled for over 12 credit hours. I have tried explaining that the course is broken up in the sections, not all the courses and credit hours at once. They have said this does not make a difference. I have requested a hearing and was wondering if anyone else has had similar trouble.

Please don't take me for poor white trash or anything. I live over 300 miles from any of my family and just can't afford all my bills and everything on my own. I enrolled in college to better myself so I can get a great job and be self sufficent and then happens.

some of LAURA FITTERMAN'S aliases:
Helen Smith
i am sure there are more.

here is just a sample of LAURA FITTERMAN'S online activities. she has more hats than tennessee animal exploiter RICHARD SWAFFORD.
expensive horses (how the hell is she qualifying for food stamps, while selling $2500 horses?)
looking for love (note that she says she is undecided about kids, yet on her myspace page, she does not want them. she knows how to manipulate people, say the right things to get she wants, like acquiring dogs and horses on the cheap and reselling them. her screen name should be sweetswindler.

this breeder was duped

i have ALL of these links (and more) saved as pdfs, should any investigative body like copies of listings that she has deleted, please contact me at

a few of LAURA FITTERMAN'S horses

note the ribs

note the hooves

you can see more of LAURA FITTERMAN'S horses for SALE or TRADE here. let me know if these photos disappear, i have copies of all of them.


FITTERMAN'S low end horse trading activities involve 71 yr old ROGER VILLINES in collinwood, tennessee. i can't find anything incriminating about him on line other than he is an associate or some kind of partner with the FITTERMAN psychopath and that's bad enough.

here is another connection to ROGER VILLINES.

the sweetfiddler/tncowgirl30 networks with other animal exploiters. here she sent a "rescue" ad to a cocker spaniel rescue group earlier this month. the dogs belong to a tennessee man by the name of JOHN T HAYES. if you read all of the comments, you see they are critical of the "rescue" mission.

this is REALLY funny. here is LAURA FITTERMAN on a horse forum in march 2009, trying to rally the troops to complain about....wait for it.... neglected horses! LAURA even enlisted the aid of JOE SHANES in putting the kibosh on the evil KENNY PRICE. she probably was looking to score some horses on the cheap.
below is one of the experienced equine abuse investigator's horses.

here is LAURA FITTERMAN'S youtube channel.

one final juicy tidbit, one of my sources tells me that LAURA H FITTERMAN, is driving around with a suspended tennessee license, expired alabama tags and no insurance.


Dr Anthony G. Frazier, state veterinarian
PO Box 3336
Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
334-240-7255 ext 1

report vet tech fraud to the Attorney General Troy King

report food stamp fraud to Attorney General Troy King

contact the alabama horse rescue, ask them for help in shutting her down.

ask the county district attorney Chris Connolly, to look into 256-764-6351

or the Asst DA

Will Powell

Angie Hamilton

Stacy Hooper

file a complaints with:

the county commissioner Jenoice Bevis

the Sheriff Ronnie Willis

the Governor Bob Riley

please include a complaint against DEPUTY JOE SHANES for dereliction of duty.

make a call to the HSUS Puppy Mill hot line 1-877-MILL-TIP

memorize this face people, because her identities are about to change.

LAURA FITTERMAN, you should be hunted to the end of the earth and put in prison.

see my previous blog about LAURA H FITTERMAN (the H is for hustler)


  1. She's also selling rabbits in online ads all over the place (claiming they are for adoption but she is breeding and selling them), trying to get injectible drugs for goats. I think I gave links to some of that in the other entry?

    This is a major animal dealing operation.

    I also wonder if she is not getting housing assistance and not reporting a roommate who is paying cash rent.

    Also she gets money as a "pet sitter," from her ads.

    There's money shooting in from all directions.

    Who the hell owns the property she is in? These dealers destroy property. It often is condemned after they leave.

  2. The sister Beth Rood is running a Malinois breeding kennel (if you could call it that) called RoodHaus Malinois.

    This is another one who claims she is unemployed. Helllo, no reporting income and public benefits in Bryceville FL.

    (If she has kids there, and the place has been cited for health problems repeatedly, where is child services?)

    She is selling to cops. There is big money in that, and TAXPAYERS take the fall for that, and end up with useless dogs with bad hips that the public spends big for.

    Laura Fitterman may be using a line about her sister's "cop connections" to play Joe Shanes for a fool.

    Rood also runs wufpackgermanshepherds

    Notice the law enforcement discount?

    There are scams of taxpayers all over the place with these people. The law enforcement community needs to be warned about this woman.

    Notice them call her out on her bad breeding practices?
    She says "The sires dam is an Explosives dog for the New Jersey DOT" so New Jersey DOT needs a head's up about this.

    Her online dog selling.

    Not one freaking penny of this is being reported to FL or US tax authorities, you can bet your bottom dollar. And no sales tax id number.

  3. Some SC link for Fitterman

    Locale: Two Notch road, between the towns of Leesville and Gilbert
    Additional: My sister's 2 horses have escaped and have not been seen since 3am this morning. We could surely use some help. The descriptions are, Red Man, a 14 yr Bay Roan Quarter Horse Gelding, with a white blaze, and 4 white socks. The other horse is Sassy a 19 month old Quarter Horse Filly, Sassy is a Chestnut with a white blaze and both hind feet. If you can help please e-mail.
    Contact: or (803) 657-3292 Beth Rood"

  4. Oh god, check this out

    And this piece of crap is threatening other people?

    Yeah, she'll get dealt with in the courts alright.

    This whole Fitterman family mess needs a good cleaning.

  5. Now Beth Fitterman Rood is picking up Basenjis, offering herself up as Basenji breed rescue and selling them. She claims she is a breeder.

    She's claiming co owners all the time. Bet that is Laura.

    These two are in business together. Something tells me dogs and horses are flowing between them.

    Basenji Forums should be aware of what Rood and her sister are up to. Any Basenji people out there?

    Also Beth and Laura pretending not to know each other here. Beth claiming years as "cruelty investigator."

    Where are the horse people?

  6. Oh look, now she's disabled but breeding and selling dogs!

    This is a major tax scam. Bet disability fraud is here too. Remember that other puppy miller nailed for disability fraud?

  7. Service dog scam too as you can see by that link

    They are using lies to get dogs out of people and to sell dogs.

    There must be every possible dog world related scam going on between these two.

    Also dobermans, etc

  8. More of a trail.

    AKC registration, so what is AKC doing about Beth Rood?

  9. Again I must point out, any people whom attempt to publicly slander me will be dealt with within the legal system!

    Beth Rood

    i like this pre-emptive strike of hers. i wonder if it has worked for her.

  10. Ad for a September litter she had for sale.

    Disabled, unemployed, service dogs, charity, but breeding like a fool and selling. Had rabies at the place, but shipping.

    Oh I would love to see her in court giving full disclosure about all the $$$$$$$, public assistance, taxes, rabies. And all public record. She better be careful. She might get what she asks for!

  11. As i suspected. Beth Rood and Laura Fitterman are co owning dogs together. This is a shared business.

  12. FormerAKCmember said...
    Again I must point out, any people whom attempt to publicly slander me will be dealt with within the legal system!

    Except idiot Rood it actually takes money to file a lawsuit! And if you lose, you're gonna have to pay the other side's attorney fees.



  13. "Except idiot Rood it actually takes money to file a lawsuit! And if you lose, you're gonna have to pay the other side's attorney fees."

    For them, it's much worse than this.

    Their life becomes an open book. Private investigators will uncover every nook and cranny in their lives, and depositions and evidence will pull out all the parts of their life they are trying to hide. That opens them up to all kinds of nasty.

  14. The truth of all this is the fitterman sisters are prob reading this..loving every minute, they love attention whether it be good or bad, they live in a fantasy world with no children no husband and no supportive family. They both need to be put away in a mental hospital for life, (in a straightjacket to boot) They are crazed psycopaths that make animals suffer to gain attention for themselves.

  15. i have seen beth's myspace page and she appears to have a husband and daughters.

    click on her name above.

  16. She DID have a husband and daughters- thats before she signed them over to the state-who knows about the husband, the children were being neglected as well, living in horrible conditions. I think the dogs actually were treated better than the children.

  17. Just want to point out that with other breeds, they cared that the dog that bit a child was being marketed for adoption without that information. They police their own and deeply care about the breed's reputation as well as the individual dog. Not so with pit bulls.

  18. Hey, One of my friends saw this Whacko giving away a puppy, not sure what kind, at the rabbit show in Columbia, TN on Saturday. Can the puppymiller not sell all of the puppies she is producing? This guy said she was on "Top of the World". She must like all of the attention whether it is negative or not. Lock her up, and throw away the key.

  19. Pyscho is up to her old tricks.
    Getting free or low cost dogs for resell off of the net.
    Check this out.

  20. Her rabbits were killed by dogs while she was gone to Florida for Thanksgiving. She has since sold a German Shepherd puppy, six daschunds, has posted rescue rabbits for sale on craigslist, has a litter of coonhound puppies for sale on WKSR in Pulaski, TN.
    The "drama" queen supposedly took a trip to the local hospital in an ambulance for an upset tummy.
    She will never stop. Poor poor animals

  21. Yuck this women is a slob where did she come from and why does she think this is OK? She's nasty to the bone can't miss her coming in her beat up old ford truck-She is the new age cruella deville!!!!

  22. She takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

  23. This a conspiracy to hurt Fetterman: Look at the time of the responses after the posting; most responses are within 10 minutes of the posting of this blog with no follow up over time. Were they written by one person or co-conspirators? Never the less this an attempt to black mail public officials and law enforcement to persecute Fetterman for personal reasons.