Saturday, March 26, 2011

Laura H. Fitterman: breeder, hoarder, rescuer, liar, healer, drifter, grifter, investigator, abuser

hopefully her next starring role will be PRISONER.

Laura Fitterman in 2007 in Wayne County, TN court.

LAURA FITTERMAN'S Trail of Tears stretches from Florida to Tennessee to Alabama.

in october 2004, the AKC's disciplinary committee suspended all of FITTERMAN'S AKC privileges for a period of 10 years and fined her $2000 after she pled guilty to animal cruelty charges while living in Callahan, FL. i don't have all of the details but the charges involved FITTERMAN'S german shepherds. FITTERMAN then moved to Waynesboro, TN and innovember 2007 was soon facing animal cruelty charges AGAIN. authorities found 60 animals in her possession, many of which were in bad shape. FITTERMAN blamed the emaciated and dead animals on her unemployment. FITTERMAN is now living in Florence, AL and again, the animals in her possession are suffering, except this time, deputy JOE SHANES is refusing to do anything about it. he has apparently inspected the property and found no violations. i question his ability to perform his job objectively because there are "rumors" that FITTERMAN gave a german shepherd to JOE SHANES, possibly to replace his recently deceased dog. last august during the heat wave, SHANES' malinois died from heat exposure. there are surprisingly few details of how and where SHANES found his dog's lifeless body.... but back to the known abuser, there are no news links to this story - yet.
here are photos of some of the animals under FITTERMAN'S care:

i have looked under every google rock and in every pipl closet and this is what i have found:
on her myspace page, FITTERMAN claims to be a vet tech. my sources tell me that she is not a vet tech but she is studying to become one. she claims to live on a small farm and raises morgan horses. she also claims her horses were stolen in may 2008 and has devoted a website to their return. FITTERMAN claims the horses were stolen by an acquaintance but in reality, they were probably rescued from her deranged clutches. LAURA! how can you go from unemployed and unable to provide care for your animals in nov 2007 to a breeder of morgans in may 2008 AND offer a reward?

in october 2009 FITTERMAN pimped a litter of border collie puppies in an agriculture newsletter.

here LAURA FITTERMAN is advertising her pet sitting services while claiming to be a vet tech AND an EXPERIENCED equine abuse investigator!!!!! i did a reverse number lookup and her phone number traces back to
Laura H Fitterman
2201 County Road 200
Florence, AL 35633-3911
(256) 760-9348

no date is available but here is FITTERMAN applying to become a horse rescuer. I wonder if she answered the question about animal abuse convictions honestly or if she committed perjury. the safe bet is perjury.

what to do?
the lauderdale county district attorney Chris Connolly.
the lauderdale county sheriff's office.
the lauderdale county administrator Jenoice Bevis.
the lauderdale county commissioners.
the alabama governor Bob Riley.
and the alabama attorney general Troy King.

as a good friend of mine likes to say, "some people just need killin".


  1. Sniffer said...
    According to pit-nutters, pits can be for everyone! Even people like her I'm sure.... :)

  2. If anyone ever deserved jail time and a court order to NEVER own or handle animals again, this woman does. Fitterman has failed repeatedly, she needs to go to prison.

  3. Number one, why is she not facing federal and state tax investigations? She's selling animals and not paying taxes. TAX CHEAT!

    She's connected to some 62 year old man named Ronnie Fitterman, but they both are using other aliases like Patterson and Stone

    These are crooks, big time, and they found another crook in this corrupt Joe Shanes, who probably is getting a piece of the puppy mill income action to buy his silence

    This Ronnie Fitterman may have connections to other puppy millers too

    Is this Ronnie the key crook here?

  4. I think this Ronnie Fitterman is also using the alias Barry Michael Fitterman, or there is some connection

    There's criminal records in this mess, guaranteed. Possible outstanding warrants.

    I suspect they use all the aliases to sell dogs under. This business is potentially bringing in hundreds of thousands, tax cheat central. They are probably selling online.

    They may channel them back to a Fitterman in FL to sell or distribute.

  5. Laura H fitterman to Ronnie Fitterman. Could he be her father? His address changes with hers. A Beth Fitterman as well.

  6. Here's more Ronnie Fitterman aliases and links

    These people are getting helped by other people.

  7. They are also probably using these aliases to get their hands on animals.

    craven, you may want to put the names and aliases in the labels with "animal cruelty" tag so that someone who has been contacted by or cheated by these people can maybe find this

    This is a criminal operation. How big, we don't know yet.

    I wonder also if they aren't pretending to be horse rescuers to pick up the horses and sell the animals to slaughter, perhaps illegal slaughter since there have been crackdowns on this

  8. More aliases and associates. Ronnie Fitterman may be using HER name? Stone may actually be his real name?

    More. Look at 14. Maxine Seligman, a new name

    Jacksonville FL seems to be base camp.

  9. Here's the connector between all these people. I am thinking maybe the male that Fitterman is involved with (Ronnie Fitterman, Ronnie Stone, Ronnie Patterson) is actually last name STONE, perhaps Stanley. Or is Fitterman maiden name Seligman?

    "STONE Marjorie - Spevak Stone passed away March 3, 2005. She was the wife of the late George Stone. Mrs. Stone was born in Jacksonville and lived her entire life here. She was a member of the Jacksonville Jewish Center and a life member of Hadassah. Survivors include her son, Stanley Stone of Jacksonville; daughter, Maxine Seligman of Atlanta; grandchildren, Beth Seligman, Natalie Ross (Bart), Craig Seligman (Tracy), all of Atlanta, and Cheryl Stone of Palo Alto, CA;"

  10. Ronnie can be a female name too. It's just officially connected to a lot of male seeming names here.

  11. i think ronnie is her father and barry is possibly her uncle. there is a photo of barry at the bottom of this page

    i think her mother's name is rebecca and her sister is beth and possibly a twin. they all live in florida and i don't think it is a good idea to try to establish a criminal link to her family without proof. i couldn't find anything on them and i looked.

  12. The thing is that Ronnie Fitterman/Stone/ Patterson is changing addresses right along with Laura Fitterman!

    And the aliases thing is really really questionable. He's using several at least, and Laura Fitterman is too, the same ones. They are directly connected at the same addreses.

    The questions really swirl around this Ronnie Fitterman, directly connected to Laura Fitterman, and changing addresses right along with her.

    Ronnie Fitterman is directly connected to this Stanley R Stone of Ft Lauderdale and even sometimes uses the name Ronnie Stone with a fort Lauderdale FL address. He's (she's?) given as a relative of Stanley R Stone

    also Ronnie Patterson

    Laura Fitterman also uses the same aliases- last name Stone, Patterson,

  13. The problem is that family members are often connected to things like this and enable it. These people don't operate in a vacuum.

    If Ronnie Fitterman was ok then Ronnie would not be using different aliases with Laura at these same addresses. They both use the same alias last names.

    These properties are connected to both of them.

  14. i agree that these people don't necessarily operate in a vacuum but i haven't seen what you are talking about in terms of them moving with her. the people that i suspect are her parents, are in florida and the one that i think is her sister is either in florida or virginia. please send me proof of what you ar talking about. i take the issue of defamation quite seriously (i know marty and frank and the thug-doggers are probably rolling on the ground laughing right now).

  15. She's listing a lost doxie here, same phone

  16. anon 10:10 is on the right track. i just discovered another avenue of searching on her and will be doing another blog on her tonight or tomorrow.

  17. She's got lots of different ads selling different breeds in lots of places

    Where the hell is the IRS in this?

    On all those sites that trace property records, Ronnie Fitterman/Stone/Patterson has same addresses Laura does, and they are both using the same aliases

    None of any of this is defamation. It's all public record.

    The wacks may not like the fact that it is public record, but it is.

  18. please send me the public records.

  19. Here's a breeder is FL that she is friends with

  20. That breeder friend of hers had rabies at her place

  21. Intelius pulls from public property records & voter registration. That's where they make the links.

    Ronnie is connected to each of her residences in the various states

  22. Wow, check out the Shepherd breeder friend of hers Beth Rood. Multiple public health violations

    The rabies thing

    claims unemployed but dog sales all over the internet, and opposing regulations of course. They don't want lower pet limits and don't want to get licensed.

    Shipping the dogs. A dealer.

  23. Now I get it.

    Beth Rood is Beth Fitterman Rood

    This is a family affair.

  24. take a look at the family photo on her myspace page.

  25. You want to see a photo :) Mama wants a boyfriend

    Funny no mention of dogs

    How is this small farm afforded if unemployed?

  26. keep 'em coming. i am working on a sequel for the breeder, hoarder, rescuer, liar, healer, drifter, grifter, investigator, abuser

  27. She has some kind of relationship with the sheriff's office there

    She's going to horse auctions, she's reporting people, she's breeding, horses are dying. This is frigging nuts.

    Is the state aware of her business?

    (could the boyfriend be mr I don't see anything wrong?)

  28. Breeding an selling yorkies and rabbits

    Want a roommate?

    Dog sales, horse sales, animal sales. Sales tax id? Reporting income? This is an extensive animal dealership.

    TAX MAN!!!!!

    Goats too and looking for injectable goat drugs. Is this for use or purchase by vet only?

    She may be tapping into the local farm community to aid and abet her.

    My back!

    Trading doxies for shepherds.

    This is an extensive mill operation. There's a lot more.

  29. craven, hold on to your chair. The vet tech thing comes from online course.

    She's collecting food stamps (and what other welfare?) while running this puppy mill/animal dealership

    Where's the state fraud line?

    This income is not getting reported!

    Family IS enabling all of this. They "paid for" her first semester. Shame on them! They are helping her abuse animals and cheat the system.

    In many of her ads she mentions "we"


    And her sheriff buddy is helping her do it.

    I wonder if she doesn't want the vet tech thing to get her hands on those drugs she is looking for and to do unlicensed vet care.

  30. This is why breeders and dealers don't want to be licensed. They sell online or through classifieds, they don't get licensed, they don't report the income, and they get welfare.

    Our system is letting this crime go on.

  31. flicka said
    The horse in the photo struggled and suffered. The double groove marks in the dirt around the body are from the front legs as the horse struggled to rise, the pile of dirt is from thrashing. This poor horse died in agony. Normal people do not allow this. The whole Fitterman family can rot in hell.

  32. More from Laura on her vet tech experience

    Does the vet tech certification board in Alabama know about her?

  33. Here's where they ran her abusive butt out of TN, emergency sale of her horses.

    I suspect in TN the Department of Agriculture found a lot of really wrong things with her operation, and she beat it before there were more charges.

    Alabama Ag may be more corrupt.

  34. Ok heres to clear up all confusion-Barry is fitts father, Ronnie is fitts mother, beth is fitts twin sister. This nut sits on computer all day and finds free animals and then will sell them to others! She is a sick complsive liar and very nasty, She has no right to own ANY animals-spread the word this women has no business selling animals the way she has treated them!

  35. The cats that are in the photos look like they are rotten. It looks like there are neighbors that are not too far away. You would think they would smell them??

  36. I wonder why she and her mother are sharing aliases?

    This clan has more aliases than you can count among the lot of them.

  37. Where does she get the money to feed all these animals? Oh I know the old rotten meat that the local piggly wiggly throws out (how disgusting) someone should make her eat this meat and see how she feels!

  38. Everyone who sees this should spread the word not to support her business by buying any animals from her-How good is the alabama animal control officer (where the pictures not enough) my goodness, its very sad that these animals are going through this-someone needs to put a stop to this insane woman!!!!

  39. Pam said
    Is this a sort of munchausen by proxy (mothers who kill their children) but for dogs? She is in control of an animal dependent on her and likes to hurt?

    She wants to hurt these animals. Too many instances of her hurting an animal dependent on her.

    Maybe that sounds stupid, but I consider my dogs as my babies.

  40. excellent analogy pam!! i think you are on to something. would you like to become a craven author and develop that? contact me

  41. I hope that everyone that sees these APALLING pictures will contact the authorities.

    This woman NEVER quits.

  43. Beth Rood said...
    I do not associate with this family member any more due to her erratic behavior and her twice being arrested for assaulting me. We have no connection at all what so ever.

  44. In this personal ad she should put the real truth-" I'm fat, lazy, eat like a hog with real sound effects, I want a man/women to move into my pig sty and pay all my bills because I'm too lazy to get a job! Oh yea And just a few animals means a whole damm zoo- BAhahahaha

  45. In reference to the "rood" comment I would not even identify this pig as a family member-she seems very psychotic with all of her animal abuse and I guesse on humans as well.

  46. Laura FittermanShoals Sale Barn
    Have several adult Dachshunds looking for good homes. Babs is 2 yr old Black/Tan female. Very sweet girl, loves everyone, has been inside before. Have two sisters that are chocolate/tan longhaired. They are CKC registered and are 6 yrs old. these girls are very sweet, but shy. Sugar Bear is a 4 yr old Red female. She is a very sweet... girl, is dominant with other female dogs. The girls are $50 adoption fee each OBO
    The two boys I have are both Dapple and CKC registered. Odie is a 3 yr old Silver Dapple male. Bo is a 3 yr old Longhair Chocolate Dapple boy. Both of these boys were raised by a breeder outside with minimal handling. They are very scared of people, but are NOT Mean dogs. These boys are Free to a GOOD Home Only with people who can understand their needs. See More

    Looks like it's bill time at the Florence home of Laura Fitterman.
    I bet she didn't socialize with these poor critters. Always blaming things on other people.

    Here is Laura Fitterman selling dogs on Craigslist which is against their policies.
    She states that the three daschund females were OBO.
    Sugar she got for free, and she has killed and maimed other animals, and the other two females she got from a breeder in TN.

  48. Just heard from a friend that one of her horses died and how she kept it in a dog pen while it was down sick-Good Going Fitterman on using those vet tech skills, Did you even bother to contact a vet? Guesse not since they have all refused you since you owe them or have verbally mistreated them!

  49. What is the latest update on Laura Fitterman? I have first hand knowledge of this lady.

  50. i don't know what is up with her. if you info you would like to share either publicly or privately, please do.

    as you can see, the tia torres blog is exploding. so i might not get back to right away.

  51. She keeps on hoarding, it will NEVER END.
    Laura Fitterman writes:
    Looking for a nice Solid Holland Lop Buck. Looking for COLOR, Chestnut, Opal, Orange, Chin. Junior or Senior. Needs to have good bone, head and shoulders. Will be in Dalton, Ga next weekend.

  52. Laura Fitterman Are you coming to the rabbit show in Florence, AL on the 19th? Would love to get a piggie or two.
    about an hour ago

    OK Anyone DUMB enough to give her more "piggies" should KNOW that the last ones died from receiving NOT A DROP OF WATER for FIVE STRAIGHT days.

    This woman has GONADS of STEEL.

    Laura Fitterman Mini Dachshund Pups, one red boy and one red girl, 7 weeks old. Raised in the house. Have had their first puppy shot and been dewormed. Health Guarantee. Asking $300 OBO each. CKC registered

  54. Here is a GREAT opportunity to get invited to this ICE CREAM PIGOUT at the PIGSTY.
    Smell the house, look at the puppies and see where they are kept(in a crate in a nasty bedroom).
    Check out the MANURE in the rabbit barn. Look at all the empty sacks thrown in the garage, and the trash in the yard.
    Take a look at the HORSES' HOOVES, and then see how HUNGRY you are for that good old delicious ICE CREAM.
    Now, after seeing all of this, do your duty and report this whacked out broad.
    Weight Watchers® Ice Cream House Party™
    Laura just applied to host the Weight Watchers® Ice Cream House Party™.
    Be the champion of positive change in your life and others by hosting a Weight Watchers® Ice Cream House Party™. You'll enjoy delicious new Weight Watchers® Ice Cream, like luscious Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bars, creamy Strawberry Smoothie Bars and decadent Ice Cream Candy Bars while learning how to make small, sensible changes that lead to a more satisfying lifestyle. So get ready to embrace a new and positive outlook on life when you host the Weight Watchers® Ice Cream House Party.
    See More

  55. Laura Fitterman Can you get Bantam Salmon Faverolle chicks?
    Here "Filtherman" is asking about some fancy ass chickens.
    Well guess what?? They die just like regular chickens when left in this person's HORRIBLE care. Chicken feathers could be seen everywhere at 2201 County Road 200 when we wwere there, the chickens a snack for NICO, the underfed shepherd, and Jennifer, the paranoid
    Great Pyrnnees. Chickens hiding out in the "filthy Filtherman" barn trying to grab one more day before they become Free food for the poor underfed animals that eat doxies and rabbits.

  56. House Party for Laura Filterman's Ice Cream Bash

    Weight Watchers encourages everyone to take Videos and Pictures of the "Bash". So, this is everyone's opportunity to document what is going on at 2201 County Road 200.

    Also, Weight Watcher's Says on their site that you can even have the party outside to add to your party experience). OMG boy would it add to it if you got a whiff of that Rabbit Barn.

    As long as you and your guests are able to experience and share the product, you can have the party outside (sometimes this can even add to the party experience), or wherever you like. No matter where the party is held, we encourage people to take digital videos and photos — we love to see all of the creative and interesting ways our hosts throw their House Parties!

  57. It is a beautiful day in Florence, AL. Perhaps if Filtherman can't sit still as she posted on Facebook, then perhaps she can grab up a shovel and shovel some of the rabbit dung out that so called falling down rabbit hovel. Can't sit still today. Have cooked lunch, made pickles and have cookies in the oven. May get bunny pictures today too, LOL
    18 minutes ago

    Laura Fitterman
    Wishin my Baby was here watching movies with me
    about an hour ago

    Yeah that is what lazy people do on pretty days, lay around a watch movies wishin they had a pickle.
    Maybe one ride around the pasture, just something to interact with those poor animals.

  58. Laura FittermanShoals Sale Barn
    Free To Good Home: Two bloodhound/black&tan coonhound cross girls. Been spayed already and will hunt. will have pictures later today.

    There is no end to this woman.
    I would bet u five bucks that
    SHE didn't pay to spay them.
    Guess she is going to house them in those two gigantic doghouses that were in the back of her truck yesterday.
    Bet they came from good ole Roger the Villain.

  59. The last time I saw this dirt-bag she was runnig with some greasespoon Tim Wiley-Maybe he is the sugar daddy behind all her hoarding issues-Fitterman stinks as bad as those dogs do! Someone needs to take her DOWN...Poor animals and Poor people that are fooled by her-She is Dr. Jekyll/ Mrs. Hyde

  60. It's a damm shame that good honest taxpayers work to keep some scumbum up like this when all they wanna do is sit on there ass at home and play zookeeper! GET A REAL LIFE.

  61. Saw on Craigslist where she says she is getting out of the dog breeding business. Selling Dachshunds and a 1 yr old German Shepherd female. I hope these dogs go to a better home. They sure deserve a better home.

  62. has this lady's current horses for sale. Also has her rabbits. Sayes, "Forced to sell, Price Negotiable!! PLEASE MAKE OFFER! Horses MUST Sell Before Winter. Prices are $1500 and UNDER!"

  63. On October 11-12, 2004, The American Kennel Club did the following:

    The The AKC's Management Disciplinary Committee has suspended the following individuals
    from all AKC privileges for a period of ten (10) years, effective October 11, 2004, and imposed a
    $2000 fine for conduct considered prejudicial to the best interests of purebred dogs in
    connection with the conviction as indicated:

    Laura Fitterman (Callahan, FL) –based on her having plead guilty to cruelty to animals in
    the County Court, Fourth Judicial Circuit, Nassau County, FL. (German Shepherd Dogs)

    My question is this, how can she be using her name with the AKC people to breed dogs? Doesn't she have to turn puppy papers in with her name on them?

  64. Please go to This should get you to a photo on her photobucket album. I don't know if this is an old photo or not but his horse looks pitiful. She should be ashamed of herself.

  65. This is very important information you have posted here. We need to be made aware of people like this. Because of this, I would ask that you consider changing your format to a neutral color scheme with blank print. It is very difficult to read the white and red text and many people will navigate away from your page rather than struggling to read it.

  66. This blog is scandaleous: This is a personal vendetta against this woman that leaves the impression it is written by a scorned lover. I have never seen such a personal attack on an individual that even blames law enforcement for not subjectively violating the law to punish this person under the guise of animal cruelty to satisfy her crushed ego for being romantically dumped . The law officer, who's reputation is being trashed has an outstanding reputation and is a true animal lover that has to my knowledge never been abusive to man or animals and will not abuse any citizen out of personal animus or acting on the personal prejudice or bias of one citizen against another. I have know officer Shanes to capture roaming livestock and rescue wild animals and arrest a flock of violators of animal cruelty law at one time without aid and was not reticent in carrying out his sworn duties. There is something wrong with the person or pesons that are feeding this blog. If my speculation about this being a personal vendetta is wrong how has this individual collected all of the personal information and photographs on this alleged animal abuser? It is shameful that this individual has acquired the backing of responsible animal advocates and public officials in carrying out her vendetta: If this does not work will she then turn to violence;she in my view is a stalker and should be treated as such.

  67. Wow, I am in the Penn Foster program and had no idea someone like this would be in the program as well. Disgusting.

  68. Thankfully Lara Fitterman Sherwood and her husband Pat Sherwood were arrested yesterday in Florence, Alabama on the charges of animal cruelty. Go to I am so happy that she has been busted!!!!


    she is at it again

  70. animal control will agravate people that may have 1 pet over the limit when the pets are happy well fed and loved this is the type people they need to be looking for not the one that take are and love them

  71. Omg is all I can say. Put them away please!!!!!!!